Loan Packaging & Administration, Strategic Business Planning

What’s in the Business Plan?

Elements of a business plan and financial projections are generally the same. The level of detail is different depending on its intended use and audience. Once you have evaluated your internal resources, contact us to work alongside your management team to fill any gaps and get the business plan and financial projections done in the required timeframe. Lists of the areas we can address in a business plan follows.


  • Three-year historical financials including income statement, balance sheet and cash flow.
  • Up to 10-years financial projection of income statement, balance sheet and cash flow, along with key operating and financial assumptions.
  • Projections on a monthly basis for up to three years
  • Break-even and sensitivity analysis
  • Personal financial statements and tax returns for principals owning 20% or more of the business
  • Historical tax returns for the last three years


  • Description of business, products and services, and legal structure
  • Overview of industry trends, the market, competitors and your go-to-market strategy
  • Policies, procedures, guidelines and process details
  • Explanation of strategic plans including key milestones and resource needs
  • Discussion of any special or unique considerations including litigation


  • Biography of principals and key management highlighting how prior experience ensures the business success
  • Organizational chart specifying roles and responsibilities