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1 Strategic Plan

Developing an effective strategy starts with understanding your industry and how your business stacks up. The knowledge gained in strategy sessions is used to design a break-through strategy that capitalizes on market opportunities.

We leverage the information discovered through our Industry Analysis and Business Evaluation processes to recommend tactics to grow your business, improve profitability and build value.

Once you’ve chosen your direction, we prepare a comprehensive business plan and detailed financial projections to guide implementation. Explore plan elements.

Analyze Industry
  • Customer Analysis – Identifies customer buying patterns and preferences
  • Market Analysis – Defines market size, growth potential, and any significant trends
  • Competitor Analysis – Profiles competitors, business models, strengths, and weaknesses
Evaluate Your Business
  • Product | Service Benefit – Evaluates product or service features, functions, and value proposition
  • Profitability – Compares financial performance to peers and identifies cost cuts
  • Cash Flow and Capital – Reviews financial and operating processes and procedures to maximize working capital. Defines optimal mix of debt and equity.
Implement Plan
  • Business Plan – Describes the strategies and tactics used to achieve the desired results
  • Financial Projections – Details the financial impact of operating changes on the proposed capital structure
  • Implementation – Launch a new product | Complete acquisition | Build alliances or joint venture | Exit business | Discontinue product or service | Deploy new technology

What type of plan do you need?

Whether you need a plan to raise capital or you want one as a strategic tool, Next Level Consulting efficiently guides you through the process of crafting a plan to fit your needs.

Plan Ahead