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1 Financing
Lender Selection and Packaging

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Proactive debt refinancing promises fewer headaches and better liquidity to expand your operations.

A well thought out debt refinancing plan takes into account your objectives as well as the interests of lenders, creditors, vendors and tax authorities.  It evaluates all available resources including business assets and owner contributions and negotiated terms that preserve as much unencumbered collateral and capital as possible to support internal growth.

We work with companies to evaluate their cash flow, capital, and collateral capacity against forecast business needs.  Next, we apply our conventional, government-guaranteed, and asset-based lending expertise to design the ideal capital structure for your business.

Lender Outsourcing

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The Next Level Consulting team delivers faster speed to market, expanded customer relationships, and competitive advantage.

When building an asset-based lending program we will apply our financing expertise to conduct stringent accounts receivable and inventory analysis.  In evaluating these asset types we focus on minimizing asset concentrations, legal liability, and regulatory risk.

To build a loan underwriting team we apply that knowledge to underwriting loans for community banks, finance companies and other businesses seeking to evaluate the financial and operating strengths and weaknesses of potential clients.

Beyond broad industry screening, we will apply our financing expertise to conduct stringent historical and projected financial analysis and select proven managers.

In conducting this analysis we also consider asset concentration, legal liability and regulatory risk.

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