What happens in the first 90 days of a customer experience with you often sets the tone for the relationship. So it is important to get off to a good start.


The current welcome experience was impersonal, didn’t provide information on how the company’s products and services met customer needs and sent inconsistent messages.


Customer experience team examined what happens in the first 90 days – each touch point for customer interaction – to design a better onboarding process. Multiple opportunities were identified to streamline and improve the welcome experience including:

  • Deliver more personalized welcome communication that used the customer’s name, product or service purchased, channel used, and a specific contact for questions or problems
  • Consolidate communications when multiple products or services are purchased
  • Create a welcome package that gives the customer an overview of the long-term relationship and plants the seed for future purchases – move from transaction to relationship communication
  • Establish set intervals to reach out to customers by specific relationship managers. Provide them with consistent messaging and prepare relationship managers to respond to any issues raised in the discussion.


Eliminated unwanted, impersonal, and unnecessary “welcome” form letters for significant cost savings. Gave the customer personal contact that opened the opportunity for cross-sell. Allowed relationship manager to quickly resolve any onboarding issues before the customer even considered leaving.

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