Technology is great, but sometimes you just want to get an answer and move on. Don’t put customers on hold.


Over the years the company had produced a series of detailed online guides and job aids. To meet regulatory requirement and ensure consistency the “how to” information was often hard to find in the midst of extensive policy and guideline information. For experienced employees, this was frustrating when they were trying to help a customer and just needed the procedures. So many of them began to print out the sections they needed and kept them at their desks in a disorganized pile. As items changes or policies were updated, papers stuffed in the desk were not updated creating additional regulatory and operational risk.


Create a quick reference tool for experienced associates to reference. It extracted directions on completing the most frequently requested transactions and responses to commonly asked questions. Topics included:

  • Acronyms and jargon
  • Where to call and when for specific products and service
  • Key addresses for mail and e-mail contact
  • Common error messages and what to do


More informed employees that could provide better customer service. Fewer mistakes and rework. Better compliance with policies, procedures, and guidelines.

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